Baby Chloe born at 37,000 feet, AC flight YYC-NRT

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    Mi Feeling a little stomach sick on a plane isn’t usually cause for alarm. But the stomach pains that racked 23-year-old Ada Guan last Sunday, Mother’s Day, on an Air Canada jet heading toward Tokyo had nothing to do with travel jitters or a rocky flight.

    Trns out they were labor pains — caused by the impending birth of the baby girl she had absolutely no idea she was carrying.

    With Guan’s pains soon putting her in serious medical distress, the flight crew summoned one of the three doctors who happened to be on board to help. That doctor gave Guan an IV and Tylenol, but the pain wouldn’t quit.

    Her boyfriend said "She told me, something fell out of me. II lifted up her pants and I saw a head and then I heard, ‘wah.’ I thought, oh my God, I think we have a kid".

    Baby Chloe is doing fine, as are her surprised parents....
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