Baby born on flight grows up to work for same airline

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    A man born on a Turkish Airlines flight bound to Frankfurt, Germany grew up to be a flight attendant for the same airline.

    Erkan Geldi made his first entrance in the world while on a flight and now he makes his living as a flight attendant.

    Geldi's mother had boarded a Turkish Airlines flight from Izmir, Turkey to Frankfurt in 1990. Geldi told USA Today that mother was flying for the first time.

    His mother went into labor during descent. Attendants asked if there was help on board. A newly graduated gynecologist volunteered to help with labor. The mother named the boy Erkan after the pilot who has since retired.

    "My father worked in Germany, and we took a plane twice a year to visit. I wondered every time I saw a plane what it must be like to work there," Geldi said. "Maybe it’s because of my birth, maybe not. But it’s clear that I love planes."

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    Wonderful news, we could assume "he has grown right into it"....:)

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