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    I have tried for the first time Delta's business class on the SEA-LHR route. Usually, I fly BA. I thought I'd post a quick review, in case anyone is interested.
    The Pros:
    1. Delta has a 1-2-1 seat configuration vs. BA 2-4-2. BA flies a 777 (used to be a 747), Delta a 767. If you can snag a window seat, you'll have no neighbor. The layout is not a "herringbone". All seats face straight forwards vs. BA's alternating forward/backward.
    2. The seat feels a bit more spacious than BA's: it has a useful shelf to put your book, computer etc...

    The cons:
    1. Delta's seat feels more uncomfortable to me than BA's: less padding, basically flat seat and back. I have back problems, so am particularly attentive to seat ergonomics.
    2. Both BA's and Delta's seats extend to fully flat. On Delta, however, your feet go in a foot well under the shelf of the seat in front of you. Movement is restricted and as you turn you may kick the side of the foot well. The head of the passenger in front is just on the other side of that, so you may wake him/her up.
    3. Delta's armrests do not lower as you extend the seat, so your shoulders may or may not just squeeze in. That makes it difficult to sleep on your back. You'll probably have to sleep on your side. On the other hand, your arm won't dangle out, which will prevent the cart from hurting you while you sleep.
    4. The 767 seems to take longer - the flight lasts about 20 minutes more than BA's.
    5. The in-seat power did not work. I don't know why but on all Delta TATL flights I have taken so far, it has never worked. BA's has had some sporadic issues.

    The practically equivalent:
    1. Delta's departure lounge is more spacious than BA's, although the choice of food is smaller. I don't usually eat there, so it makes little difference to me.
    2. The food is OK on both airlines in business. Not gourmet, but pretty decent.
    3. The entertainment: there's a pretty decent choice of movies on both airlines. BA has more European movies.

    The nice surprise:
    Delta has a neat, if small, arrival lounge at T3. It has no spa, but the showers are spacious and well kept.

    BA still has a slight edge over Delta on this route.
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    Your forgot to mention the detail that BA charges nonelites a huge fee (approximately $100 in each direction) to reserve a seat in business class before OLCI.
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    What if I prefer facing backwards when lying down in a plane?

    And the 777's typical cruise speed is faster than the 767.
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    The ultimate nickel and pounding.
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    I agree with the OP that the J seats on the DL 767 are quite uncomfortable if one tries to sleep on your back and frankly I find the old near flat seats still on (some of) AA's 763s (which many complain mightily about) to be way more comfortable.
    Used up 250k of my remaining 300k DL miles to Europe last Fall for J two awards and boy do I keep congratulating myself that I did considering how awful the Skymiles program has gotten in such short time.:rolleyes:

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