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    I have bought business class tickets (LHR-LAX-LHR) and am trying to upgrade them to First using Avios. Under's "Manage my booking" there is an option to upgrade, but it always says that this booking can't be changed, and advises to call Avios helpdesk.

    I called Avios helpdesk and they said that this is normal. They said that I could go to "Spending Avios" -> "Explore and check availability", make sure that the "From" field says "London", select LAX from the map and go to the month my flight is due. If there is availability to buy economy ticket with points, there should be also availability to upgrade business -> first using Avios.

    Does anyone have experience if this advise is correct? Also, are there any other ways of upgrading my tickets, preferrably with Avios?
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    What you need to do is to check whether there is availability for an award ticket in First. If there is, then that is the inventory that is also used to upgrade from Club / business class to First using Avios.

    If there is no award availability in First, then you can't upgrade using Avios.

    You can, however, still upgrade with cash in accordance with your fare rules (if the rules allow it). In addition, sometimes there will be a special offer cash upgrade option presented in Manage My Booking or when you check-in online. Or you could try asking at the airport when you check-in whether there is a special offer for cash upgrades.

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