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    Dear adl73x,

    If you're looking to build up your BA Miles balance, or perhaps purchase a present for a friend who's also an Executive Club member, now is the best time to buy. Because, until 5 September, you could receive up to 30% extra with your purchase. The more BA Miles you purchase, the better the bonus, as you'll see from the chart below.

    If you wanted to buy your full annual allowance of 24,000 BA Miles now, for example, you'll actually receive 31,200 miles. Check above for the BA Miles you've purchased this year and see how many bonus miles you can get.

    These extra BA Miles could come in very useful if you're thinking about a spot of sunbathing somewhere special.

    Transactions must be completed between 15 August (00:00:01 GMT +1) and 5 September (23:59:59 GMT +1), 2011 to receive the mileage bonus. Bonus will be awarded to the recipient of the miles. All other BA Miles terms and conditions apply.

    The Purchaser may cancel the purchase of the BA Miles in accordance with the BA Miles terms and conditions. Any cancellations will also include the bonus mileage awarded under this promotion.

    British Airways Plc reserves the right to cancel or amend without notice the terms of this promotion.

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