BA fuel surcharge and transfer to Iberia Avios

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    (1) Does BA impose fuel surcharge on transcontinental award on non-BA flights? I have the impression that the no fuel surcharge policy only applies to AerLingus. I was wondering if I took DUS-JFK on Air Berlin using Avios points, will I be charged with a surcharge like if I were on BA.

    (2) Can I move BA Avios to Iberia Avios without 'initializing' my Iberia Avios? My Iberia Avios is more than 90 days old, but there has been no transaction on it. I do not have an AMEX MR card so MR point transfer is out of the question for me, and I am not planning on a new card just yet.
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    (2). No, you need to have had a regular transaction on it. Could you transfer a tiny number of hotel points? Or credit a hotel night/car hire etc?

    What I will also say, is that if you thinking about booking AirBerlin from IBplus account, keep in mind IBs very stingy policy on making no changes to awards if they are not operatd by IB. So, if you are booking IB flights, move them to IB, if not - book from BAEC to retain an abiltiy to change in case you need to.
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