BA Award Search Shows Only So Many Flights Cutting of End of Day

Discussion in 'British Airways | Executive Club' started by iolaire, Sep 19, 2017.

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    I commonly run into a problem where BA's award tool will show lots of flights, but they stop at some point mid-day. I believe they limit the flights shown to say 10 or 20 flights and then stop showing later flights.

    These are usually shuttle like flights between major cities on other carriers, say DCA -> JFK on AA. I've seen the same in other countries, say BCN->MAD on IB or Osaka -> Tokyo on JL.

    I have to believe that if the full day up to 2 PM is open then there should be a few more flights later in the day.

    Does anyone know how to get around this and see later in the day flights beyond just calling them?

    (On a side note BA is too short of a tag?)
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    BA has about the most worthless frequent flier program and their website user interface is the most non functional. If that is not bad enough, their attitude is even worse. I used to fly them exclusively and now would be hard pressed to get on a BA flight if someone paid me to. The flight staff is fine. It is the way they administer their Avios program that sucks. I tried 2 days ago to book a mileage ticket from PHL to LHR. The fare, if I bought the ticket was $609. If I used 40,000 Avios points, I would have had to pay $467 on top of that. Really???

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