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    I just tried to book 4 round trip award tickets from RDU-MIA. That is exactly 700mi distance each way according to GCMap.

    ...They priced it at 360,000 Avios!

    Surely this is a glitch. That should be a 7500 avios trip per person per direction, 60k total. Even at first class levels that would be 120k.

    I assume I need to call?
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    ITA shows the AA flight distance as 702 miles. In any event I checked and was able to (easily) find flights for 15k miles for the R/T
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    Have you tried repeating it on different dates or flights to see if you can isolate the glitch?

    Without knowing which dates and flights you were looking at, it's impossible to replicate the problem you saw. I can also easily find 15,000 Avios round-trip redemptions.

    However, you should bear four things in mind.

    First, Avios redemptions are charged per sector. If you accidentally click a connecting itinerary, the price will go up.

    Second, if your itinerary contains two or more partners, it will cost more than the same itinerary flown all on one partner. With the number of AA and US flight numbers now being offered, this is something to be aware of.

    Third, the page giving you flight options has two columns, one for economy and the other for first. If you accidentally click in the wrong column, the price will go up.

    Fourth, a 7,500 Avios redemption route in economy will cost 22,500 Avios in first, even if there is no business class on the aircraft. So four passengers on a round-trip award in first would be 180,000, not 120,000.

    By combining these four wrinkles, I can easily select a RDU-MIA-RDU redemption that costs me 105,000 Avios per person, which makes me wonder whether the 90,000 Avios per person price that you saw is necessarily a glitch.
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