B787's IFE 'designed for multi-taskers'

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    B787's IFE 'designed for multi-taskers':)

    Boeing has been putting the B787's IFE through its paces.

    Around 250 Boeing staff recently took part in a seven-hour test flight where they were encouraged to press, scroll and click on their touchscreens, and their own devices, as much as possible to see how the on-board systems would cope.

    For years, Boeing and its partners Panasonic and Thales have tested the IFE system in the lab - but there's nothing like having a fully-functioning cabin filled with people.

    Staff gave the system the thumbs up. "I'm doing everything," said participant Brooke Perisho, who was sorting email on her laptop while her cell phone charged and a movie played on her in-flight entertainment console. "If you like to multi-task then it's perfect."

    From the 787's new dimmable windows to the colourful LED lights in the ceiling to the reclining business class seats, engineers tested every major cabin feature to make sure it didn't affect the 787's in-flight entertainment.
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