B. Y. E. — Best. Year. Ever.

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    Founder Randy Petersen comments on the one-year anniversary of Milepoint:

    B. Y. E. — Best. Year. Ever.
    Since Milepoint is one year old this month, it's a fitting time to stop our world and take a look at what we've accomplished. While still a fledging startup forum for frequent flyers, it's soul and promise has delivered. In a short time, it has become the world's largest forum for frequent flyers — actually owned by frequent flyers, those whose everyday experiences are similar to that of its members. Gary, Ed, Tommy and I know the same challenges and experiences that make up the DNA of our community. We know the delayed flights, the rewarding bonuses, the upgrade list and we know which hotel rooms give us the best nights sleep.

    But we know something even more important — we know many of our members personally. Whether we see you inflight, at a member event or even as fellow posters in a thread, we're tremendously proud you are part of this community. So thank you all for being part of our day and our community.

    At the one-year mark, there's more promise that could be imagined. While we still continue work on building that valuable content that can assist both ourselves and our fellow travelers, the manner in which our members display a positive attitude is the best part. We chose early on, forum software that is now known as the leading edge of world-class forum technology. Our app continues to receive extremely high marks for those accessing Milepoint via their mobile devices and we have an even better experience coming in that area. Our search engine does work and works well. And we are soon adding super search just to make sure that search is never a hinderance to you enjoying a positive Milepoint experience. We've recently added a few new features to our software with the promise of more to come. So far, those engaged in Milepoint love the Alerts system, the Dynamic Glossary, and the Dynamic Conversations (private mail). We've fostered partnerships/sponsorships with leading events such as the MegaDo, the Freddies and will introduce a stunning Premier Membership on May 1. And in our first year we've given nearly 50 new iPads to our members as appreciation for their support of Milepoint. All this and we're just a year old.

    And in our early days as a community, we've done things that show just what our promise is — a community that cares. Beyond the things we do online for ourselves and our travel knowledge, we've learned to help others outside our forum. Just in the last week, 1) We presented a $50,000 check to Komen for the Cure on behalf of the participants of the recent oneworld MegaDo sponsored by Milepoint; 2) presented a check for nearly $19,000 to Hands on Education, a charity that trains the disability challenged for jobs in the hospitality industry and we surpassed loans totaling more than $500,000 for Kiva.org just in the month of March as part of our one-year anniversary of donations and loans to that organization of more than $2,000,000. All this and we're just a year old.

    So, we may be fledging, but the future of Milepoint because of our members is full of promise and a helpful hand for our fellow travelers.

    There's nothing we could be prouder of right now … until our two-year anniversary!

    (for Gary, Ed and Tommy)

    LeAnn Marchbanks (Cause Marketing, American Airlines), Randy Petersen, Suzanne Rubin (President, American AAdvantage)


    Jeff Zidell (Vice President, Hyatt Gold Passport), Brigitta Witt (Vice President, Hyatt Corporate Responsibility), Tommy Danielsen (Tommy777), John Ficca (Director, Hands on Education), Ed Pizzarello (Pizzaman)

    Team Leaderboard for Kiva.org for month of March

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