Awful service 304 West

Discussion in 'New York Area' started by Catalin Ursu, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. The service you provided was awful. I did the reservation on 10-29-11, on your website got itinerary number even I spoke to one of your rep and he assured me everything is booked and I'm set. I drove in horrible conditions to the Hotel 304 West in Springfield to find a big line where everybody was waiting for you guys to send a fax confirmation to the receptionist. Where guests waiting for hours and try to use the lobby PC to get the tel nr for customer services or cell phones. Was a gamed played by and receptionist probably waiting for who gives the bigger tip. Fortunately I had the print out with my confirmation and intermarry but did not help. The receptionist wanted the fax. I called customer service and I was disconnected several times. Finally a customer rep picked up and I asked her to fax or to speak to the receptionist when I was waiting on the line. After few minutes she came back on the line telling me the astonished news - The Hotel eas biiked and the website info was not accurate when I did the reservation-.That was amazing, was 11:00 pm , bad weather and no place to go. The rep offered to reimburse the charge but was not the main issue. Where I will sleep? I was with my wive, we were cold... The hotel receptionist did not care.. He was waiting for $$$ ... The travelnow rep gave me an address of a different hotel 8 miles away. I asked her to call the hotel to find out for sure they have rooms.. And sure the overseas connection tel line was cut off.. Even so I decided to drive 8 miles hopping to get a room.. The ordeal continues... After 30 min of awful driving conditions I got to the hotel.. and.. The Hotel she said has room was in completed dark and closed..
    Was already midnight... Thanks to I spent the night in cold in my car.. Awful service, don't trust these people, Bad and untrusted services... Stay away

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