Award Wallet - do you track all your credit cards and loyalty programs

Discussion in 'Newbies' started by Traveling Momma, Feb 27, 2013.

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    Okay - my system is pretty tight now with spreadsheets for all my cards including columns for min spending, sign up date, whether A = active, or I=inactive (meaning spending met) and the benefits of each card. I have planned out multiple trips outlined below:
    1. December/Jan, 2013 or 2014 - Ecuador into Quito over to Galapagos and back to Quito and then down to Amazon
    2. March 2014 the last two weeks - 10 - 12 days - Costa Rica - Liberia or San Jose exploring the Guanacaste coast and the more tropical side
    3. Last two weeks of August 2013 or 2014 into the first week of September - Hong Kong, Bangkok Chiangmai, Malasia with stopovers in Hong Kong, Singapore or somewhere else
    4. England, Ireland, Scotland
    5. China
    And we have plan in place to Churn again in approx. 91 days.

    What I can't figure out though is how to use Award Wallet. The bulk of our points are with AA and UA so why use it when it won't track this?

    Are the rest of you using Award Wallet by entering your credit cards in to see how many miles you're racking up?

    Any guidance on this last piece of the puzzle would be helpful.
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    The UA and AA miles can no longer be retrieved, but there is a workaround for retrieving the itineraries and associated travel info. All you need to do is to forward the confirmation email that you get from the airlines to, and their system will parse it and automagically extract the flight info as it used to do without the user's intervention. The downside about this workaround is that you need to remember to forward that email, but after a while it just becomes a minor annoyance once you have done it a few times and see how well it works.

    This works very well for most credit cards with a program that awards points that are explicitly stored somewhere within your account and are accessible and retrievable (e.g., AMEX MR points).
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