Award Travel: Stopovers & Open Jaws!

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    You will never guess how many people think they get good “deals” on points when really, it’s just mediocre.

    When clients ask me to send them to different parts of the world with points, they often think that they can only go from Point A to Point B and back.​

    The truth is that you can actually do more with the same amount of miles.​

    For Example,
    I recently did a trip for someone who wanted to go from Los Angeles-Paris and Back. They were using Aeroplan and wanted to travel in Full First. While I was finding availability easily from LA, I also recommended that maybe they make more of their miles. (175,000) I proceeded to tell them that they can actually tack on 2 free stopovers within their ticket to anywhere in the world.
    A stopover is airlines talk for a stop in a country that last more than 24 hours. These stopovers can be as short as 1 day and as long as 11 months.
    Anyways, I ended up booking a Mini Round The World trip for them by doing this:
    LAX-CDG (Paris) Stop.

    Paris-Seoul or Bangkok (Stop)

    Bangkok/Seoul-Los Angeles

    Total Cost: 175,000 In Full First.

    Airlines: United, Thai, Asiana, Lufthansa

    That’s three airlines that you sample in First Class! The client didn’t even know that they could do this and were really grateful.

    It gets even better on United!
    I recently booked a ridiculous trip on United and it went a little something like this:

    Los Angeles-Houston-Doha, Qatar-Mumbai-New York (Stop for New Years!)-Los Angeles

    The total? 120,000 Miles. Full Business & First

    Airlines: United & Qatar Airways

    Now, lets talk about an Open Jaw.
    An Open Jaw occurs when you land in one city and takeoff from another.
    For Example,
    Los Angeles-Paris (Stop) Then Rome-Los Angeles​

    Most people think that you pay for the Paris-Rome flight, but if you use United, you dont have to!
    United offers 1 Stopover and 1 Open Jaw on one itinerary.
    That means we can do this:
    Los Angeles-Paris (Stop for a week)

    Paris-Rome (Counts as Open Jaw)

    Rome-Los Angeles

    Total Points in Economy: 60,000

    Total Points in Business : 120,000

    Total Points in First : 160,000

    My Friend Ben over at One Mile at A Time put together this stopover and open jaw chart:
    Airline or Alliance Stopovers/Open Jaws Allowed
    Aeroplan (Air Canada) 2 stopovers; or

    1 stopover and 1 open jaw
    All Nippon Airways (ANA) Up to 4 stopovers
    American AA: 1 stopover at an AA hub; or

    OneWorld award: As many stopovers as will fit in an itinerary (up to 16 segments) and 1 open jaw
    Continental/United 1 stopover and 1 open jaw
    Delta 1 stopover or 1 open jaw
    US Airways 1 stopover or 1 open jaw at a Star Alliance hub

    Also, I’ve compiled a small list of ideal points of Exit from the U.S
    Also, if you find an offer for using United points on a Qatar Airways flight, TAKE IT!
    Qatar ends their points relationship with United on Sept 15th and it was rated one of the best airlines in the world.
    With my upcoming trips to Boston and Pittsburgh, I might possibly be able to do some Business class travel on Qatar! [​IMG]
    If you take advantage of the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall Sears Offer, you can potentially earn 25 Pts/Dollar. United is a 1:1 Transfer partner with Chase.
    That means if you buy a new tv for $2500, you earn 2500*25 = 62,500 Points! It takes just 60,000 to go to Europe on Economy.
    Even better, go to Asia for 65,000 Round Trip on Economy. If you sign up for the netflix promo for $8, you get to 66,500 points!
    Los Angeles-Doha-Bangladesh-Doha (Stop)-Doha-Los Angeles, Here I come. All for 65,000 Points!

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