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    I was able to recently redeem 2x 120,000 SkyMiles for the following itineraries in business class:

    CLT - JFK (Y DL regional jet)​
    JFK - LAX (J DL BusinessElite)​
    LAX - TPE (J MH)​
    TPE- KUL (J MH) (Destination)​

    KUL - PVG (J MH) (Stopover)​

    PVG - JFK (J MU)​
    JFK - CLT (Y DL regional jet)​

    Both me and my girlfriend have no Delta Status. I am a US Airways Platinum and she has an American Express Platinum and Priority Pass for lounge access.

    Question 1: How do we go about making seat assignments for the MU and MH? Delta agents cannot do it. I asked them for the MU and MH record locator numbers and they said that there wasn't one, just the Delta issued record locator number.

    Question 2: Which lounge access do we have access to for each of the following departures and layovers based on our Delta Business Class Award, My Platinum US Airways Status, and my girlfriend's Platinum AmEx & Priority Pass

    CLT (departure)​
    JFK (~ 2.5 hour layover)​
    LAX (~ 6.0 hour layover)​
    TPE (~ 2.0 hour layover)​
    KUL (departure)​
    PVG (departure)​
    JFK (return is only a 1 hour 35 minute connection; so probably no time for lounging)​

    Thanks in advance for any insights.

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    1. You need to telephone both MH and MU to get record locators. Ask them to assign seats. Also ask them to examine your ticket and verify that everything has been issued correctly by DL. Then, go to the MH and MU websites and try to find and print the details of your booking to carry with you. At the very least, you should know your record locators and carry this information with you when you travel in case a check in agent cannot find your ticket or reservation. Most DL agents do not document other carriers' record locators and do not know how to find them.

    2. Go to, lounges/locations (you don't need to log in) to check which lounges belong to Priority Pass in each airport. AmEx Plat will admit the cardholder and guest to DL lounges when flying DL that day (the same for AA and CO) and to US lounges at any time. Details of DL lounges, including what entitlements you have from the coast-to-coast BE ticket and partner international business class tickets, can be found at, travel/airport information, SkyClubs, locations. Use the drop down menu for your situations and pay attention to the definitions and footnotes at the bottom of pages.
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    Bingo. US Airways status doesn't help on this ticket. But the Amex Platinum gets you into US Airways lounges regardless of whom you are flying, and into Delta lounges when flying Delta same-day. The Priority Pass gets you into their participating lounges. And your Malaysian and China Eastern business class tickets will generally get you access to their designated business class lounges (though I'm not sure what lounge MH offers during the TPE connection).
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