Award flight cancelled, more taxes for new flight?

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    My 12 year old granddaughter is flying from LHR to BOS unaccompanied using an AA award ticket and I just received an email from AA saying that her flight back to London now has a transfer in Chicago. I called AA to tell them that they cannot schedule her on anything but a direct flight because of her age, they told me that if I want a morning flight (which is what I originally booked), my options were a) an evening flight which arrives the next morning, or b) a partner British Airways flight that leaves around the same time as the original flight, but I would have to pay $214 more in taxes. The original morning flight that I booked is no longer offered by AA.

    Before I make my decision, I wanted to find out if they are obligated to find me a similar flight and whether they can indeed charge me more taxes when it is a flight that was booked a month or more ago. Any thoughts?
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    My guess is that airlines don't have any choice but to charge you taxes on award tickets, but the $214 for the same route on BA rather than AA is probably some sort of fee, most likely a fuel surcharge imposed by BA. You could argue that you shouldn't pay more due to a flight cancellation, but I'm not sure that you have much chance of winning this one. Especially if you're elite, you might be able to get some miles for the inconvenience, as an optional customer service gesture.

    You should be able to get the ticket refunded without any service fees, but that isn't very helpful unless you can find a better ticket now on a different airline.
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    I had similar situation although the fee involved was less. American needs to accommodate you on a different flight, which is the one with connection in Chicago. There likely will be $5 segment fee, but since it is their cancellation, they will not charge you for it. However, if you do not accept their arrangement and opt for a different flight, they will re-price the ticket and you ended up have to pay the fees.
    Again, this is just my experience for your reference.

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