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  1. Let's say I am booked on DL on the domestic legs and KE on the APAC and intra-asia legs, all on low. If I were to change KE intra-asia legs and there are low available for those legs, do I need to have low on all legs to do an even exchange without any additional miles? On DL the exact same domestic legs are now only available on medium level, will I have to use more miles even though I am booked and confirmed on the same exact flights at low level? Thanks.
  2. Didn't changed combined DL/partner itinerary but successfully changed a few times whole-DL award itineraries.
    Last time I was able to keep low level on TATL (even when only med+ was available) and to replace domestic leg without "repricing". The whole itinerary was "re-ticketed" with SM refund and recharge, but the price was the same.
    Just yesterday tried to change another domestic flight in TATL trip and it was repriced only for that domestic leg, the rest was kept at low.
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    Right, you can make a change to an award and the flights you already have remain 'locked in' at their current pricing. Just because the flights you are on are no longer available at the low level if booking a fresh award does not mean the award will be repriced to a new higher level.

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