Avoid Sheraton Ontario Airport Hotel

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    If you plan to stay at one of the hotels near Ontario airport and plan on using the hotel shuttle, AVOID staying at the Sheraton Ontario Airport and using their shuttle.

    When taking the shuttle from the hotel to the airport on Fri, 9/20, it did not leave on time as scheduled choosing to wait for a guest so that it didn't have to make another trip to the airport 10 min later when he finally showed up. Mind you, the hotel is not even a 5 min drive to the airport.

    When getting picked up from the airport and going to the hotel, it took 3 calls, a call to the SPG Platinum ambassador and several tweets to SPG before being picked up by the hotel 50 Minutes after we called them. You can WALK to the hotel in less time than it took to wait for the shuttle.

    It was a total #shitshow, #fail, whatever you want to call it. I will never stay at this hotel again and use their shuttle... especially when I saw the Doubletree hotel shuttle show up several times and once it even sat and waited for a few minutes waiting for a guest.
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    I think you should have walked 5 minute distance, and then complain to SPG plat ambassador and maybe get a bunch of Star points... ;)
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    He said the hotel is a 5 minute drive, the walk would be longer.

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