Avis at IAD sucks

Discussion in 'Avis | First/Preferred' started by marcwint55, Jun 1, 2012.

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    This morning I flew to DC for the launch party of Mega-Do 4. I had a reservation at Avis and as a presidents club member, I am supposed to receive a double upgrade. I called the location in advance and confirmed that this would not be a problem. I was even told that I would probably have an Infinity M37 available. I had reserved a premium car, and when I arrived I did not have my upgrade. I was then told to pick out a car from several on the lot. While checking out a large Jeep that had satellite radio and navigation, a respresentative came running out and I was told that the car was no longer available, as they had just rented it out as an upgrade at the window, and I needed to choose another. I found that to be unbelievably rude, since they told me to check out the car, and they knew I was looking at the car and would probably take it. After looking at the many cars, which did not include a single luxury car, I chose a Volvo. While the Volvo is a nice enough car, it is not the double upgrade I was entitled to. If I ever fly in to IAD again, I will certainly not use Avis.
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    you're entitled to an upgrade based on availability, yes? i reserved a premium in PIT two weeks ago and got the Volvo S60. With two crown vic's in the garage, i was happy. so the end-result is you only got a one class upgrade?
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    I think ZipCar recently put BMW's at IAD

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