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    Hey all. First post here. I've been lurking for awhile but now finally have a question. So I just started getting into all of this in the last month or so. So here's my question.

    I know there's a common conception that Chase has a 6 month policy when it comes to getting cards from them. A couple months back I signed up for the Chase Priority Club Visa with the 80k signup bonus. Shortly after that I learned about the 100k Avios points offer and just figured I'd wait 6 months, cancel my couple year old (no rewards) chase card and sign up for the Avios offer. Then I saw that the Avios offer was going to be canned on the 7th. So I did some more reading and found that apparently their 6 month rule is a bit of a misconception. So I bit the bullet and apped just so I wouldn't miss the offer (then of course it was extended).

    So of course I got the "we need to review your application" message and was told to stay tuned and that I'd either get a denial letter or a card. Fast forward to this morning, I get an email from British Airlines thanking me for joining the Avios program. I assume this means that the card was approved and they auto-enrolled me Avios? Is that assessment correct?

    And that's my first question!
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    Call Chase & ask? =) but from the email asking you to enroll most likely you got the card.

    But yeah 6M rule is a myth I believe; from my own reading of things around the interwebs it seems 90days is a good buffer between cards; but even then if you can justify it and your history/credit w/Chase is good it doesnt seem to matter. I got the SW Rapid Rewards & Chase Sapphire 12 days apart. Then 2 weeks later applied/approved for the Ink card. I don't wanna push my luck and I myself will be waiting ~90 days before I apply for my next one. Either the United or the Hyatt. Don't know yet.
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    Look online in your Chase account to see if the card has been added there. Or call the automated status update number: 800-945-2006, wait for the prompt and then press "#", the "1", then enter your SSN. (No, I didn't just direct you to my SSN harvesting number... I got the # from here and used it myself a few times)

    And welcome to MP!
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    Or you can also call 888–609–7805 to talk to a human for app status. Good luck! I am currently awaiting status on my two chase apps (BA & PC) from a couple of days ago. I will likely have to call consideration next week and barter as this would make my 6th & 7th card with them.

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