Availability Difference Between AA/BA/QF Sites for Awards

Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by Muerl, Apr 29, 2013.

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    So I am attempting to piece together a return from MEL to BOS in the spring in Y, as well as a possibly a flight AKL-MEL and there have been some very different behavior going on.

    First, I want to have the direct mid day flight from LAX to BOS Sunday March 16th AA202. I have a hold on a ticket with a stopover in LAX for 2 days, with the overwater segment on the 16th, and set a flight alert with WATT to change the flight when there is availability.

    The chalenge is that I got an alert from WATT today saying that all 3 flights have availability on the 16th in Y. Of course this leads me to try and go to AA's site and change things around, but I am not seeing any availability there for saver awards.

    So since I had heard somewhere that WATT uses QF's engine to do its searches, I logged into my QF account and took a look. Sure enough it shows availability for all three flights for at least 2 seats. I then went and looked at BA to be a tie breaker, and BA agrees with AA.

    I don't have enough QF miles to attempt to book or hold the seat, so I can't dig any deeper, but I had heard that QF is usually the best OW engine for accuracy and I was curious why this was happening.

    I was also seeing a scenario where AA and QF both showed me AKL-MEL flights, but BA would only show me flights leaving NZ on LAN and then connecting to QF in SYD. I thought I would mention that if its remotely related.

    Is there possibly some kind of blackout going on for AAdvantage on AA metal that is not being applied to QF, or is it that QF is showing phantom availability?
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    I don't know why it happens, but I agree that QF has a much better tool than AA. IMHO, though, the KVS availability tool trumps all the airline sites for finding (premium) availability.

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