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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Captain Oveur, Mar 25, 2013.

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    I'm up for my annual renewal with Amica. Have been with them for about seven years or so.

    Sick of the annual increases (up another 12% this year), despite no tickets or accidents.

    The increases are probably today's reality, but I'm looking for suggestions on a better, lower-costing insurer. Amica is pretty highly rated with the likes of the Consumer Reports survey and JD Power, which leans me towards them when it comes to premiums around the same price.

    I don't qualify for USAA or NJM (other top-rated insurers). I have looked at a couple of smaller insurers, but just on auto alone, they are about the same as my current policy, if not a tad more.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on insurers or a website I can go to (tried already) for good rates?
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    I have had the following insurers: Liberty Mutual, AAA, Nationwide, Great American, and Metlife. A few months ago, I signed up with Esurance, and my rates are the lowest they have ever been. And since they were bought by Allstate, its nice to know they have a strong company behind them.
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    Odd. I've been with State Farm since the day I started driving and my rates have never increased other than when I bought a new car. Rates on the same car go down slightly every 6 months.

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