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Discussion in 'Luxury Hotels' started by JohnBrian, May 14, 2014.

  1. I know I am posting a lot on this forum. I am just wondering do people value as luxury consumers local and authenticity or don't care?
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    I imagine it depends on the consumer?

    I will say, though, that it does seem that luxury Western hotel chains do seem to have corn flakes and milk available for breakfast. ;)
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    It is my impression that many such consumers do value local flavour, so long as service and quality meet an acceptable high international standard. From a personal point of view when visiting such places as, say, Lhasa, one prefers the international food preparation and quality, with some deference so some local flavour. However, as in that location, genuine local culture tends to have quite unacceptable levels of sanitation, so it all depends on how "authenticity" might be described. One can substitute any number of places for Lhasa. I used taht only because it is a particularly striking example.
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    I like to think of the hotel as an oasis where I can feel more at home and like I am on vacation. 24 hour room service and a phenomenal spa and I am satisfied. Speaking of which, I am headed to Trinidad Thursday and what seemed to be the best place I could find was the Hyatt. Has anyone heard anything about it? Thanks!
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