Austin GA Under Scrutiny for Ignoring Passengers

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    "Late-breaking news" :rolleyes:

    AUSTIN -- According to late-breaking reports, United Airlines check-in desk representative Rhonda Miller is presently so intently focused on her computer terminal as to be completely unaware of the end-times hellscape unfolding all around her.

    "I'm a little worried about her, frankly" said Los Angeles bound passenger John Stanton, from the rear of a dense, unmoving line of several thousand passengers, eerily snaking its way though the airport. "I mean, I haven't seen her look up once in the past hour. I can't even imagine what she's doing to block out such a vast ocean of human suffering."

    "Yeah, typing aggressively" was how United MileagePlus Premier Gold customer Nicki Makimono described the scene. "She's one of only three agents on duty, and all I've seen her do since 6 o'clock this morning is type, tab, sigh, and shake her head."

    "I don't think she's used a mouse once", Makimono added.

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    That's embarrassing.

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