AUA security overloaded due to construction

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    We flew back from Aruba on UA 1039 (2:55pm) AUA-EWR on Sunday the 30th. We had to go through 4 checkpoints: Aruba debarkation, Aruba transportation security, US TSA and US Immigration/customs. Aruba security is undergoing construction and had only two lanes for all passengers entering the airport at a time when many flights were taking the Sunday time-share crowd home. It took an hour just to get through Aruba Airport security alone (no elite lines at all) and the line only got longer behind us. Everyone was polite and professional so we moved as fast as possible. Had there been some unhelpful passengers or Agents the wait could have become quite extended. The US TSA security was a bit more thorough and made the Aruba security search redundant (and by then there was only a small line).
    I suggest if you are leaving Aruba at a busy time that you really do give yourself extra time. I also suggest that AUA could save a lot of effort if they could find a way to route the US bound passengers directly to the TSA checkpoint.
    As an unrelated aside, the AC in this airport is set at a much higher temperature than I am used to elsewhere.

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