ATW in 18 days..part3:CX and AA biz

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    Next stop was Kyoto….
    Besides the excitement of going to a place in Japan where I've never been before I was really looking forward to try the soon-to-be-antique CX 744 upper deck.That was swapped to a 773 with regional biz ( no fun) and 2month prior the trip that was changed to a 77W !yeeeeah new biz class.about 2 weeks after it they changed back to a 773….CX are you kidding me???I realized it's time to stop checking what aircraft will be since it seemed like I'll only know the real answer once I'm sitting on it.
    We dropped our bags at the CX counters at Airport Express' Kowloon Station.
    First we checked out the Wing's Business Class part but it was really crowded and had no tarmac views.Once our gate was announced (24) we decided to move to The Cabin since it was exactly in front of it.
    It was pretty busy too but the seating area was a bit bigger.We had a great view of the runway so we grabbed a couple of coffees/snacks and enjoyed the view.
    IMG_1319.JPG IMG_1321.JPG IMG_1323.JPG
    Little after our boarding was announced we headed to our gate and there was our 773(this picture is at KIX,didn't take any at HKG)
    After getting on it to my surprise it was refitted with their new regional product that I really wanted to try anyways!since expertflyer showed a 2-3-2 configuration I didn't even think about it since I thought it's only available in a 2-2-2 configuration…
    The seats are a huge upgrade from the old ones:

    They don't recline too much but more than enough for those short hops.
    Pretty good legroom: IMG_1339.jpg We were offered pre-departure beverages.Both of us went for the coconut- mint drink which was delicious…and started to browse Studio CX IMG_1345.JPG IMG_1351.JPG And then started what made this short Cathay flight very different from all the others.
    Food menus were distributed by Neena our FA.she had a passenger list with herself and every time she handed a menu to someone she called him/her by their name and thanked them for flying CX. that day.I thought its a nice touch for a short flight like that but what was even more surprising is that every time she said something to us she addressed both of us by our names making us very welcomed!
    She took our main course orders and they started distributing appetizers and drinks immediately.
    To begin we had a Duck breast with pickle white ginger and mustard mayonnaise,mixed salad and tounyu soba noodles.Had a glass of a very nice chardonnay with it.
    For main I decided to try the Australian prime been tenderloin with red wine sauce meanwhile wifey went for an onion stewed pork spare rib(ps:I won,mine was the bomb;)
    Went for a Malbec with that was surprisingly good.They should seat Doug Parker on that to get some inspiration for the future and have the same on a JFK-CUN flight::)
    Fruits,cheeses and port
    Dessert,baileys and coffee IMG_1363.JPG The experience :
    After a flight like that the only think I could think of was that if this is their regional business than how is their long haul first class ? I'll have my answer pretty soon but for now the only thing I can say is: 20k avios well spent!

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    After a wonderful week in Japan unfortunately it was time to go home.
    We stayed in boutique hotels only that's why no reviews about them.I still want to highlight one of them just for a few words.
    I booked a room at the Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo.It's fairly new hotel just off Tokyo Station.Literally one crosswalk away.Used my CSP card on redirected from the UR mall so received 6X points for it.
    The hotel rooms are on from the 8th to the 15th floor of the office building with 2 elevators separately for them.Lobby is on the 16th floor,with floor to ceiling windows so no complaint about the views.
    The rooms are pretty big for Tokyo standards,everything modern, clean.,automatic toilet when you pass in front of it and even a Nespresso machine with 4 options of coffee refilled twice a day.Not bad for a small property like that.Location was great you with tons of good metro lines nearby and about 10 minutes walk from Ginza,20 from Tsukiji.
    If you're in Tokyo and don't have a Hyatt free night certificate from your chase card i'd definately recommend to try it out.
    Back to the flight:
    We were booked on AA134.Since all flight from HND depart early morning getting to the airport can be a little bit of (an expensive ) challenge .
    I was able to take the 4:30 JR from Tokyo station and use the first Monorail at 4:58 so made it easily bit still who likes to be awake that early?
    After check-in we headed to the JAL Sakura Lounge what we found pretty deserted.
    Breakfast spread was pretty mellow with just scrambled eggs,sausages,some pastries and a couple of japanese options.
    IMG_1690.JPG IMG_1691.jpg IMG_1693.JPG
    We boarded our AA 777.WE had seat 10A/B(you'll see later why that matters) .
    Pre-departure beverages were offered and menus distributed.
    For entrees they had a Gruyere Cheese Omlette,Pancakes,a Frittata and Chicken Teriyaki .
    We both wanted to have pancakes but they only had 1 order left(come on there's only 3 people in front of me counting the center seat!?).I'm no complainer and just went for the omlette(what a great hubby...) but honestly if I'd pay a couple of thousands for those tickets I'd expect them to have every single item of that list and not a miserable one left there from the inbound flight….
    Breakfast first course with Bagel,smoked salmon and cream cheese(Oooh of course those classy red straws:)

    My pancakes oooops I mean omlette:
    ps:wife's pancakes were terrible lol:)
    Mid flight they offered a couple of snack options.We went for some sushi.tasted just like at Tsukiji a day before….unfortunately my sarcasm don't go through writing as much as it does in real life;)
    Since your leaving at 7am and arriving at the same time there's no lunch/dinner so they just offer brunch.The menu consisted of either Cajun chicken or grilled ham and cheese sandwich.
    We both went for the latter..
    Overall we had a pretty good flight.Seats were OK,service was actually pretty good.The gentleman in my row was really nice and attentive.
    The only thing that makes this flight really unattractive is it's schedule.Early wake up,you never have a nice big lunch/dinner and it guarantees jet lag for the next week….
    JFK was pretty busy since most of the South American flights arrive early morning.Thanks to Global Entry we were out in a matter of minutes and couldn't wait to get a couple of hours of sleep before starting my day back home in NY.
    Back to work ,The End …..for now:)

    (PS:hope you guys enjoyed it and sorry for the grammatical errors I'm always gonna be an ESL-next time I should try either hungarian or spanish lol:)
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