Atlanta Airport Testing Creative Way To Clear Brush Near Its Runways

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    One hundred sheep and a few goats are yards from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport's fifth runway.

    It's a one week test to see if the sheep can clear brush adjacent to the runways more efficiently and cheaper than men, machines, and herbicide.

    "This was actually donated by an anonymous donor. We get a chance to evaluate something new and right now it's not costing us anything," says Chris Davis, a Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport official.

    They eat but just about any kind of brush. Overgrowth is a concern not just for pilots line of sight, but to eliminate wildlife habitat. Birds, coyotes, deer...those animals can run and have run into the runways by keeping the brush clear and low keeps the wildlife a little further," says Greg Levine, of Trees Atlanta.

    The sheep are contained by the shepherd and dogs. There's an electric fence...if the program is brought closer to the runways, there would be more fencing.

    "We still would have to put up some type of containment fence. Those are some of the issues we would have to work out with the TSA. It's been worked out at two other U.S. airports," says Davis.

    The program has been used at two other U.S. airports before...

    San Francisco has a program, Sea-Tac used it out in Seattle. They don't use it anymore because it wasn't cost effective to them," says Davis.

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    No way this will work!

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