ATL-ANC-ATL - C+ Recommendations/Thoughts & My Observations?

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines | SkyMiles' started by chrislacey, Jul 6, 2015.

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    Hi All,

    Typically a UA flyer, but flying CHS-ATL-ANC-ATL-CHS with the outbound this Wednesday. Excited to give DL a shot, but as a nobody...I'm in C+ (paid for it on ATL-ANC-ATL).

    We have 13 C/E (D is open at the moment but I'm sure will be filled) on the outbound. Return is 10 A/B. 763 both ways in/out of ANC.

    If you have any advice that would be great. I'm planning on bringing food + snacks as I'm not quite sure what the snack selection will be on the longer flights.

    A few notes about DL compared to UA (prior to flight):
    • Booking using SkyMiles was quite simple and the calendar was helpful to find the lowest dates. Similar to UA, but the DL process just seemed a bit easier.
    • Holy schedule changes! Over a 3 month period, we had a schedule change that caused a mis-connect (although they fixed that in a jiffy), and multiple minor (<20 min) changes as well. UA does this, but it seems more frequent with DL (tiny sample size...I get that)
    • Getting through to a phone agent (granted no major WX when I called) was simple. 3 minute hold was the longest and I've called 3 times. UA sucks in this department - even with status.
    • I'm on an award ticket and my husband is on a paid ticket. The first time I called (without asking) they somehow linked the tickets. On the 2 later calls, they say "No problem. They are linked, let me pull his up". As a 1K on UA - they've never been able to do that (or they can and simply don't)
    • DL phone reps seem to play by the rules more than UA ones. Again, tiny sample size. Colleague is flying to ANC for our meeting and had a schedule change of 84 minutes. 2 different reps I spoke to both said "90 minutes" or more. Otherwise, no dice. UA has been more than flexible with me and our other itineraries when a schedule change has a legitimate impact (in this case possibly him missing the first meeting).
    • F pricing is super volatile. Our Founder is flying in paid F DEN-ANC (via SEA). I was watching both Y and F pricing like a hawk for a month before we booked. F changed (+/- 30%) whereas Y stayed consistent throughout. I have no insight into Rev Mgmt, but it was fairly interesting to watch all the DL F price changes.
    That's all for now. I'll update this thread after we fly to compare the UA Y+ experience to DL C+. C+ has free I'm guessing that will be what pushes it over the top in terms of comparison (for me at least). :D


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