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    I've always been a big fan of the S class fares on OZ. Great value and they earn me 100% miles in Asiana Club. As a Diamond Plus member, there's generally no ticketing deadline either, and the change fees are also waived. In short, very little downside for me and how I fly. In the past I've bought a lot of S class tickets ex USA, Thailand, Philippines, etc.

    In checking into the S class fares ex Japan, some extremely good deals, ie. 85,000 Yen (US$ 700) R/T Japan to USA with stopovers in Korea possible (which in my case are a requirement). That's half the price or better compared to if I bought my tickets ex Korea. I'm not quite sure about the advance purchase requirements and how they might or might not be waived for Diamond+ members, nor paying for tickets outside Japan. I'll need to explore that here first, but if everything is as good as it appears, I think I'll change to buying all my OZ tickets ex Japan, and enjoy some weekends in Japan between my trips to USA, Europe, etc.

    Ex Japan tickets (on various airlines) traditionally have some very high fuel surcharges attached, but with fuel prices very low now, I guess this may be contributing to these lower prices. That or something else, or I just never noticed before the great deals.
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