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    Here's my goal.
    I live in the BWI/IAD area.
    In 3 yrs = 2018, I'd like to travel to Asia.
    My question is about my return trip from Singapore.
    I dream of flying in luxury on Singapore Airlines. I hear they have 3 levels (First/Biz/and an upcoming 3rd level).
    Presently, I frequently fly on Southwest, Delta, United and AA/US Airways.
    What is the best strategy to obtain this dream without paying cash but with points? I'd love to fly in luxury going to Asia too but I think that would be a little ambitious and unattainable, perhaps?
    I am currently using the Hilton & IHG cards to harvest hotel points for the trip.
    Thank you.
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    It is hard to appreciate the luxury of First Class until you have paid the price by spending time in the rear of a long flight, nothing is free.

    Sometimes we fly in the front only to return on another airline, space and miles are not always there.

    My wife flew over the first time with $900.00 in her pocket, in the rear of the plane, 20 year later, and 13 years of college, she returns home in J., or FC, because of the miles game.

    It can be done, good luck.
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