AS Website Annoyances/Errors/Quirks (Master Thread)

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    I thought a central place for posting these things might be a good idea (maybe a sticky) as I've heard that from time to time (rumors, you know), it is possible that an AS employee might check this board out.

    Mine - for starters.
    Already logged in. New Flight Reservations screen. Put in all the data, then decide to apply a discount code. Apply the code. The rest of the input disappears. Have to start over again.

    If the programming is always going to make this happen for whatever reason and is not easily reparable, then the discount code box should be at the top.
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    Only one post here?!

    1. Bring back the ability to click "view separate departing and return flights" when searching by price.
    2. Persistent log-in sessions. Log-ins time out far too quickly. I'd like a semi-permanent log-in that always lets you view your account but requires password verification before allowing you to make changes to your account or itineraries.
    3. Restore some level of detail to the results screen--specifically, show connecting cities without requiring you to hover over "Details."
    4. Show the cheapest round-trip at the top of the results screen immediately (used to happen; now you have to click the fares you want before it calculates the round-trip fare).
    5. Display more codeshares/partner flights. I like AA's philosophy: if you can book it somewhere else, why not book it here?
    6. Auto import of all reservations with Mileage Plan number attached, regardless of booking channel
    7. Display of waitlist position, at least during OLCI

    That's my starting lineup, anyway...
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    I have to say, I have far fewer complaints about the AS website than that of any other airline I use. I'd say it's miles ahead of, but that's not strong enough. [​IMG]
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    But definitely not ahead of :p

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