As rental car rates rise, travelers take taxis

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    Colby Reeves Jr. was used to renting a car to get around town on his frequent business trips.
    Now, Reeves says, high rental rates increasingly are forcing him to bypass the rental-car counter and head for the nearest subway stop or taxi stand.

    "I think it is only prudent to consider the cost and convenience of a cab," says Reeves, executive vice president of a construction company who lives in Knoxville, Tenn. "It takes a very long cab ride to cost as much as a rental."

    Rental car rates vary from city to city, or by the day of the week. They can soar because of a convention or plummet because of a storm. But rates generally have been on the rise this year compared with 2012, and some frequent business travelers say costlier rentals are leading them to seek other ways to get to a meeting or hotel.

    Car rental consultant Neil Abrams says his company's travel rate index is on an upward trend.

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    Really? I haven't noticed any hikes the last year. In fact, in some of the markets I rent in, prices have gone down
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    How travelers take taxi s they are not traveling a small distance ..,
    Car Hire is better option with tension free journey with family members.
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    Well its USA today were dealing with here. The actual deterrent to rental car use is the high cost of parking which has spread even to mid-size cities.
    Hotels are charging $38 a day to park in New Orleans... so my parking costs is almost the same as the car rental.

    This article also ignores the fact that taxi charges have also gone up dramatically also .It used to cost $40 from SFO to the city now you better be prepared to shell out $70.00
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    A third option is very short term car rental like car2go. This seems to be picking up steam in the San Diego area. I see the little cars parked everywhere. You jusr sign up, find a car, hop in, go where you want, park it,and walk away.
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    Hertz hourly rentals, zip cars, etc.

    Depending on where you go I guess.

    When I flew to Vegas, I would avoid rental car as their airport rates are nuts.... However paying taxi prices twice a day was even worse. Factor in you are stuck on the strip, can't go get groceries.... Etc.

    With a rental car, even if 45 a day, you easily save that money.

    If you are in NYC manhattan... Yeah, rental car Is dumb... But for cities like Vegas, Orlando.... Stupid not go straight to the rental counter.
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    I've seen very low rates in Vegas. Even in the larger cities like Chicago or San Francisco.

    The big cost killer is the mandatory fees they charge at the airport.

    The even bigger downside in cabs is availability. The cab line on a Friday evening in Vegas is horrendous, and so is the cab line at NY airports as well.

    LGA/JFK have high rental costs, but I've seen some interesting deals at EWR.

    It's tough to beat the busses/trains for cost when they are an alternative. But time/convenience is also a consideration there.

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