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    I have been LH*G since 2003 and am just about to hit the qualifying threshold for my 10th consecutive year.

    Recent press announcements have led me to be become rather disgruntled with the programme, e.g. 8 days notice for the termination of mileage earning on bmi flights even when LX continues to operate LHRBSL on bmi metal and LH flies LHRBER on bmi and the reduction in mileage earning in lower fare Business class from 2012/09/01.

    I am anticipating less travel from 2013 and am reassessing what I get from MAM as LH*G and am therefore starting to look around at alternatives within *A. I also gather from postings that MAM does not offer lifetime benefits except to those aged 60+. This seems to contravene EU age discrimination legislation!!!

    As I fear I may not 100k miles per annum from 2013 I am looking at ways to either get to *A Lifetime Gold or move to a programme with easier requalification thresholds. I do, however, need to maintain at least LH*S to make sure my award miles do not expire within the next two years.

    My travel is mainly within Europe on MAM airlines, plus mostly Business class travel long haul to south-east Asia, North Asia and South Africa.

    The whole FFP industry seems a veritable minefield and it seems I need to convert to an accounting degree to get some perspective!

    I am interested to hear what my options might be:

    I have discounted butt-in-seat airlines like UA and AC. On the face of it OZ seems a good option (1m miles for lifetime with no need to ever fly OZ) but on many European partners’ routes they offer actual miles, which translates into a very bad deal on short routes). Europe remains MAM dominated with the exception of SK (persistent rumours of bankruptcy and lifetime is apparently the same as MAM), TP (risk of defection to IAG) and A3 (no comment given the state of the Greek economy and A3’s unstable schedule).

    TK seems to be a good option with gold status at 35k miles pa and good award redemption if flying TK. There is no lifetime here but I reckon I should hit the requalification minima. A disadvantage seems to be the administration located in Turkey, any other disadvantages?

    Good to hear any thoughts. Is it worth writing to MAM and saying I have 10 years (and probably close to 2m status miles) and see what they may offer?
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    DisgruntledMAM welcome to Milepoint!

    A number of frequent customers with LH have been asking the same questions as of late.

    I am not sure about lifetime status, however you may want to look at other alliances and programs.

    To SE Asia QR has proven to be very good in my experiences and the program is fine- the one thing I found was that redemption was easy and the taxes and fees were extremely low (less than 100 EUR in business r/t to Asia).

    BA has a good program as well with Avios.

    Within Europe- the choices are really worse and worser- I have actually started using AZ on flights- and if you get the new aircraft it is very nice- if you get the old Mad Dogs (MD11) it is noisy and decrepit.

    Easyjet is also now more viable than it used to be within Europe.

    Swiss continues to have a nice product however the rumor mill I have heard is that everything will convert to an NEK type product. Shame if it is correct.

    It seems the airlines are telling us that it is better to fly by price and schedule- at least that is the direction I have been moving in.
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