AS annouces that MVP now eligble for instant F upgrades on S and B fares

Discussion in 'Alaska Airlines | Mileage Plan' started by ballardFlyer, Mar 14, 2012.

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    Didn't see this reported yet on MP. This is from the AS monthly email:

    This Just In … for MVP Members

    Complimentary upgrades are now more available for MVP members. MVP members now have access to instant Complimentary Upgrades* on Value Fares booked in S and B classes of service along with Full-Flex fares booked in Y class. Until now, instant upgrades were only available on Full-Flex fares. Shop now for the lowest fares on and enjoy our outstanding First Class service

    The AS website is updated too.

    Nice enhancement since AS upgrades are hard to snag at the gate for MVP, but it means FC inventory will be even more constrained.
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    ...because Unlimited Complimentary Upgrades have just been too easy for us MVPGs to obtain.

    Seriously, can anyone argue against the idea that AS' goal at this point is to monetize every single F seat they have? That they'd be delighted if they didn't give out a single UCU seat to an elite traveler ever again?
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    I agree - I don't see this as a good move as a Gold. How soon before we see Alaska sell upgrades-for-cash at check-in when there are Golds on the waitlist?
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