As airport security 'precheck' plans grow, lines could shrink

Discussion in 'Travel Security' started by ACMM, Sep 21, 2012.

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    More fliers will soon find relief from the hassles at airport security lines.

    The Transportation Security Administration's "precheck" program that lets passengers keep their shoes and belts on through security has expanded to 26 airports in its first year and will continue to grow.

    Since it was launched in October 2011, 2.7 million passengers have been screened though a dedicated precheck security lane, says TSA spokesman David Castelveter.

    The TSA expects 35 airports to have precheck by the end of 2012. Since last week, it has expanded to Newark's Liberty International and Philadelphia International. Next week, Washington Dulles International will open a dedicated precheck.

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    Not buying it.

    TSA says it screens two million people on an average day, which means 700 million every year. 2.7 million of 700 million is around three percent. Even with the additional airports coming on board, that would raise it to to around 3.5%. That's hardly even a drop in the bucket, but it makes for decent PR in TSA's futile attempt in winning the hearts and minds of travelers.

    If the TSA wants to tout shorter lines and expedited screening, get rid of the naked machines (which the Germans found out has a 50% false positive rate) for starters.
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    Agree here... and also it would need to put in a PreCheck lane in each and every checkpoint at each of the airports having PreCheck. Otherwise you can be sorry out of luck .... but the propaganda will say there is PreCheck at that airport (even if there is just one PreCheck lane in one of many checkpoints).

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