Article: Loyalty points to nowhere

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    IN THE competitive markets we live in, imagine the following frustrating scenario:

    As a loyal customer of a particular supermarket chain you are invited to join its loyalty program, which offers rewards for your support. You go out of your way to shop at Supermarket A, turning a blind eye to the often more affordable prices of Supermarket B. This is because your statement of loyalty points is looking particularly flash, and you look forward to the day you can walk in and fill your shopping bags without your credit card in the firing line.

    Finally you have accumulated the required number of points, and with a spring in your step arrive at Supermarket A - to be told you may only select fresh produce from a very small hidden section in the back of the shop. The majority of produce is also available of course, but kept in reserve for those paying by cash.

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    Unlike the situation with the tomatoes and asparagus, there are a limited number of business class seats. I'm not sure how the author proposes that the airline solve his problem. If the program doesn't work for him, it may well make sense for him to always fly based on cost and just take the cheapest flight. Otherwise, let him evaluate the different programs and decide which are valuable for him. There's no shortage of information online to help him make that decision...
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    I am not sure what is the grip about. We all know (or should know) that seats are limited. Anyone who play the game long enough knows that. A seat or upgrade is not a given (unless you pay for it). But knowing the rules gives one enough flexibility to get what one needs most of the times.

    The reality is that the most loyal customers get a lot for their loyalty - status and what comes with it.

    Those who do it only for the miles (in the US at least) most of the time get the miles not by flying but by other activities.
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