Art Van vs. Gardener White

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    I don't think this is limited to the Detroit area, but I've only experienced it here.

    We have 2 major, local furniture store chains - Art Van vs. Gardener White.

    They both have a sale. Always. Every day, every week, every year. It's probably "Repeat of President's Day Sale" today.

    Now, they are giving away a free 55" (!!!) TV with each purchase of $1999 or more. I'm no expert, but I would rather buy my furniture for $furniture-$TV which is probably $1000 less.

    Am I the only one that wishes they would just sell the darn furniture for a reasonable price, and have them pass the reduction in advertising overhead down to us as a further incentive?

    I mean, these 2 companies (Art Van in particular) are a HUGE joke around here. You can seriously offer $500 on a $2000 living room set and get it for $700 delivered + they pay tax. It's worse than buying a car... forgive the people who pay MSRP!

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    And the day after the warranty expires (if they even give a warranty) the legs break and the upholstery wears through.

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