Around the world in six toilets

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    When we’re at home, the toilet is nothing more than a functional inconvenience that sporadically interrupts the day. When was the last time you remembered being on the toilet? I mean, really remembered?

    Not the physical discomfort manifested in your shaking body, but the actual toilet; the desperate squat over a fly-infested pit; a loo with a view; the baffling electronic buttons that shot jets of water.
    But in a global sense, toilets have come to signify so much more. They denote disparities in wealth and differences in culture. They allow nations’ engineering forethought to be compared as they answer one of technology’s most fundamental questions: how do dispose of our own waste.

    And how our engineering has evolved! A hundred years ago, who would have predicted we all would have toilets inside? Who would have guessed that there would be alternatives to the toilets we find in Malta?

    Yes, there are alternatives. So here, in all its repellent and delightful glory, is a guide to the toilets of the world.

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    Love this story! I have had some outrageous toilet experiences in Vietnam...including an "invisible" toilet!

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