Arkansas traveler says woman is taking self portraits with his missing iPad

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    Do you recognize this woman? A traveler from Arkansas says she has his missing iPad.
    Allen Engstrom said he was flying from Phoenix to Denver when he left his iPad on a plane.
    "I realized it pretty quick, but by then it was too late and I just kind of wrote it off," Engstrom said.

    About a month later, Engstrom said his wife and son were at the doctor's office when his son held up his iPod and said, "Mommy, what's this?"

    It was a picture of a woman on his iPod.

    "We finally figured out that must be the new owner of my iPad," Engstrom said.
    Engstrom says the woman is taking "selfies" -- or self portraits -- with the iPad.

    She probably has no idea that her pictures are backing up to my iPhone, Engstrom said.
    So far, he's received more than a dozen photos.

    "The wonderful person who snaked my iPad continues to take glamour shots of herself apparently unaware that they are backing up to my iPhone," Engstrom wrote on Facebook. "So naturally I'm blasting them out to the entire world. Enjoy!"

    Engstrom, who lives in Little Rock, said the tracking settings like "Find my iPad" and "Photo locator" are turned off, so he can't find the woman.

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    The newest app should be a shock app that uses the li-ion battery (a la 787-style) to burn the crap out of the person holding the iPad!
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    With the tracking options in the latest laptops and tablets, and IMEI numbers in cell phones, it should be possible to nationally/globally to track and recover the majority of stolen devices. However, this will require the proper motivation on the part of the device manufacturers, and that is unlikely- the more devices get lost and stolen, the more they make on replacement sales. (and the numbers are ginormous-estimates are a million laptops/tablets and 30 million cell phones per year just in the US)
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    Very few people disable geo-tagging for the camera, the photos probably have embedded location info visible easily in iPhoto.
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