argentina on AA miles?!

Discussion in 'American Airlines | AAdvantage' started by tothemoon, Feb 26, 2013.

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    I started flying AA to EZE, as i had miles from that airline. so, as i have continued to use AA, i have found that scheduling advantage customers has become near abusive. the new deal.......send you to one city in early morning / transfer to another city / wait overnight for an early morning flight from the US.
    on the next day.
    i may be deviating a bit, but the bottom line, seems to be that using miles to this Argentina is becoming counterproductive. that said, the price of tickets has, on average, tripled in the last five years.

    Am i missing something and just don't know how to use their program? I do find that their options from north east coast USA, work the best for me.

    Argentina hasn't helped that situation with their entry tax of $150.. this has deterred many friends who want to make it a one time visit.
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    Hi tothemoon, and welcome to MP.

    I have to apologize, perhaps it's just me, but I am having some difficulty deciphering your message and nailing down what your question is exactly. It seems you're trying to use miles from the AAdvantage program to get to EZE and are having difficulty, but it isn't clear what your exact issue is.

    Can you clarify?
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    Just taking a wild guess. Is it because AA doesn't allow you to route via LIM, one of the LAN hubs?

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