Argentina for Honeymoon

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  1. Hi! Does anyone have any itinerary suggestions on a 2 week honeymoon trip to Argentina in November? Thank you!
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    I would spend about 4-6 days in BsAs.

    I would not miss IGR (Iguazu falls) Stay at the Sheraton there. The spa on site is also a great bargain.

    Then I'd take a couple days to cross over to Colonia for a day and then on out the coast. Montevideo or Punta del Este.

    Also consider going to Patagonia.
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    I agree.

    I would consider three days and two nights at a minimum at Iguazu Falls. Make sure you see both the Brazilian and Argentinian sides of the falls. Take your time while you are there, as it can be quite romantic. Fauna include parrots and monkeys that roam freely in the jungles there.

    If you go to Montevideo and base yourself there, consider that the quaint town of Sacramento de Colonia is greater than an hour west of Montevideo, although when I went six years ago, a new highway was under construction and partially completed. If it is finished, the trip time should be reduced. Also, Punta del Este is approximately two hours east of Montevideo. See the giant hand buried in the sand on the beach while you are there, as well as a lighthouse tour and a strange double-humped bridge. There are also boat tours there, if you are so inclined to take them. I would spend at least a day in each of these three destinations in Uruguay, and consider renting a car.

    If you like wine, the Mendoza area is recommended, and Gaucho is a member based in Argentina who also sells Patagonian wine.

    Anyway, you can easily fill two weeks with the suggestions already posted to this discussion.

    By the way, indulge in some bife de lomo. Some of the best beef I have ever consumed was in Argentina and Uruguay.

    Congratulations and have an excellent time on your honeymoon!

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