Are there limitations on a Delta Voucher?

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    I was took a bump over the holiday season and received a $400 Delta Voucher. Is this voucher only good for 1 ticket. I would like to use it to book two seats on the same flight. So I guess my question is, can i use the voucher for two tickets for me and someone else on the same flight? Thanks!
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    The voucher is good for any booking, but Delta seems to have changed the way things work and there are some limitations.

    I don't know if things have changed since I last used a voucher (last May) but my trip cost exceeded the value of the voucher and I had to do two separate bookings.

    Basically I was trying to book two seats, around $275 each, but the voucher was for $400. Delta's website wouldn't let me apply the voucher to the entire PNR and would instead only let me apply it to an individual seat.

    What I had to end up doing was book one seat with the voucher, and at checkout I received a new voucher with the balance. Then I booked the second seat as a separate reservation and applied the voucher, and paid the balance with a credit card.

    The end result was two PNRs, but if you're unlucky you might have an issue getting seats together or the flight might sell out between the time you buy the first seat and the second, so you need to be careful about how you do it.

    Again, YMMV, but when I spoke with a CSR about this they told me this is the only way to do it, at least online.

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    Be sure to watch the expiration date.

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