Are glass exit portals coming to a airport near you?

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    Now you have to pass through security to leave the airport.

    Futuristic unmanned portals have replaced officers at the security exits of two small Northeast airports, adding a few seconds in a bulletproof glass pod to the end of every passenger's trip.

    The rounded exits at the Syracuse and Atlantic City, N.J., airports prevent passengers from backtracking into secure areas once they exit the plane and keep outsiders from entering through the exits. Travelers step into the elevator-sized cylinders and wait as a door slides closed behind them. After a couple of seconds, another door opens in front with a female voice coolly instructing, "Please exit."

    "I don't understand those doors," says Cindy Katz, of Jupiter, Fla., who came through the Atlantic City airport for the Thanksgiving holiday. "What are they supposed to do? It slows everyone down."

    They could be the wave of things to come as the Transportation Security Administration prepares to shift exit-monitoring duties to local airports next year as a way to save $88.1 million. The doors' manufacturer, New York City-based Eagle Security Group, Inc., says it is in talks with other airports.
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    I have to agree with the person quoted in the article, sounds like a great way to slow everyone down.
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    When well implemented they don't slow anything down. I've passed through similar in Europe many times and it is no big deal. Doesn't mean the TSA will implement a decent version, of course, but there is nothing inherently wrong with the concept. Plus, the part where it won't cause a teminal dump when a distracted TSO misses a passenger swimming upstream is probably a good thing for everyone.
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    I agree with Wandering Aramean. FRA has similar exit doors galore, and I can't recall ever waiting for longer than 5 seconds for the person in front of me to get through. And it's simply amazing that it's taken over a decade for TSA to figure out that having 1, 2 or more uniformed personnel watching the exit is a colossal waste of money. Can I buy stock in Eagle Security Group, Inc.? ;)

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