Are Award Seats Released at a Specific Time?

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    Hello Everyone,

    I notice that United award seats are kind of hit or miss as to the days they are available. For instance, I've been looking for return trips from Prague for a specific day. A couple of times, it was available, only to be gone the next day, and then reappear some time later. I've also noticed that award seats are a bit tougher to find if you go more than a couple of months out (at least from the airports I have been looking at). Is there any method to when and how the seats are made available?

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    Yes, but not one we really have access to.

    Inventory management makes seats available based on a wide variety of factors, including past sales and predicted future sales on the individual flights. Part of that is based on how close you are to departure, of course, but there isn't a fixed pattern like "4 seats are added at 90 days out" or anything like that.

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