Applying for passport card w/o giving up passport book?

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    I know there used to be info on this somewhere, but I can't find it now.

    I use my passport for primary ID (have lost my backup, for which I
    don't qualify for anymore anyway). Is there a way to apply for a card
    while keeping my passport book? Here's what I intend to do:

    Use the passport book to get the passport card, keeping the book
    in my possession.

    Find a period of time when I'm not going to be traveling internationally
    and apply for the renewal book, using the card as ID for domestic trips.

    When the book comes, resume my normal travel pattern.

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    I attempted to do this with the mail-in application and it appeared to be impossible. I believe you need to show up at the actual Passport office if you don't want to surrender the book or at least that was my take on the directions.
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    The answer is No. I tried this last year. Made an appointment at the Post Office on the day they do passports, handed over my completed form, two recent photos, and my passport and they wanted to take it all and mail it in. I would get passport back in 3-6 weeks. FCS (for Christ's sake) I could mail it in myself, didn't need the Post Office to do it for me.

    I thought the appointment was for them to verify my passport validity and send on the form with their approval. No, they had to mail the passport also.There is no point to this exercise.

    So I went to the Motor Vehicle Department and renewed my Driver's License and got a free state identity card at the same time. Now I am legal in the 50 states, but hope I don't have an unplanned landing in Canada when flying to Alaska or decide to drive to Mexico for cheap prescription drugs.

    Your best bet is to go to the Passport Office, pay the expedite fees and just apply for the passport and passport card at the same time, then go back to pick it up, being unable to move around the country freely for the 4-6 days they have your stuff. Or pay one of those services if you live far from a Passport Office. It is all incredibly expensive.
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    But, when it comes to the Passport Office, you must be within 14 days of travel in order to secure an appointment. And the fees just pile on from there (first hand experience on a day-of-departure emergency passport replacement)

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