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    I am trying to make a plan for my next round of applications. Here are the cards I currently have:

    Local bank Visa card
    Bank of America Phi Theta Kappa
    Chase Freedom
    Discover More
    Citi Dividend Platinum Select
    Blue Cash Preferred (in the processes of downgrading this one to the no-fee version)
    Chase Sapphire Preferred
    United Plus Explorer
    Delta Gold Skymiles
    US Airways Dividend Mastercard
    Starwood Preferred Guest
    Hilton Honnors from Amex (no fee version)

    I'm eyeing three possibilities:
    Two citi AA cards by trying the two browser trick that may or may not work
    Ink Bold

    I've never applied for a business card before and am worried I won't get approved as my yearly income is only 32K. I do sell things on ebay from time to time, plus do side work that generates a 1099 misc form at the end of the year, but not sure if either or both of those would qualify me for a business card. I know the general suggestion is that anyone can apply for a business card, but I'm worried my lower income will tag me as not desirable for a business card. Any suggestions? Should I go for the Ink Bold? And any other suggestions what kind of card I should get? I'm mainly focused on collecting airline miles right now.
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    I had similar 1099 expenses last year and received my first biz (ink bold) card in December. It tok a follow-up call, but I just explained my business, the fact that I only had a net profit of $7.00 didn't seem to be an issue. FYI, my yearly income last year was 51k....I think it had more to do with the fact I carried no balances on existing cards, and already held a few Chase cards.

    I've been eyeing that city 2x trick myself, but it appears i'm too late. we'll see what happens when March rolls around for my next AOR, but even if I have to get 1 this time and the other version 95 days later, oh well :)

    - MO

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