Anything to add to the 5x strategy

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Credit Cards' started by michael21, Dec 3, 2012.

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    So recently I've been trying to do the 5x on everything spend via the vanilla gift cards at the office supply stores. Who knows how long that will last? Anyone have any other ideas that I can utilize to get the big points...the monthly spend is approx $5,000 a month.
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    Read frequent miler is the only thing i can tell you. He seems to have lots of good ideas on getting big points. At FTU he was somewhat explaining 5x+ ... =)
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    Well, if you can buy Vanilla Reloads at your local Office Depot with an Ink Bold/Plus, then you're good. But of course since they've stopped carrying them...

    So you can buy the My Vanilla Personal Reloadable Prepaid VISA at Office Depot if you can find them, activate it online to get a PIN, and then use it as a debit card to load BlueBird at the cash register at Walmart. Apparently some banks will even let you cash out the card by taking a "cash advance" against it. Of course how often you can do this before they shut you down is an open question...

    You can buy Vanilla VISA Gift Cards at Office Depot for $500 and simply use them for all your spend. Use them to fund your Amazon account, use them for Amazon Payments, etc. Won't let you pay your rent or mortgage, at least not without an exhorbitant fee, but hey...

    Beyond that... you're past my level of knowledge. Brush up on FM's posts.
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    Seems like the My Vanilla Personal Reloadable Prepaid Visas are few and far between at OD... Are you still seeing them?

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