Anyone here with personal experience with PassPlus?

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    Due to the decreasing attractiveness of US as a *A member :rolleyes: I am considering switching to UA.
    I have AAirpass with AA and like it very well but there are many times when I need different options. From the website it appears that LH and LX can also be booked with PassPlus. That would dramatically increase the utility to me.

    Does anybody know about the benefits of PassPlus in terms of GS etc? Is the international pricing advantageous when compared with typical purchased premium fares? Does customer service work well? How about trip changes? FWIW, all my travel is LH international. I very, very rarely fly domestic US.

    I may be missing other important questions, if so please tell me. My past experience tells me the actual experience with such programs sometimes differs materially from that describes on the website; sometimes better, sometimes not.
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    I.always thought it was, simply a pay in advance program, with guaranteed higher elite, status. Not sure if gs is automatically assigned...I do know it is one way of increasing the odds of receiving a gs invite.....
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    Odds are increased due to the sheer amount of Rev you provide, I think min deposit is 25k.

    There are 2 passplus programs. Once offers discounts on premium travel of the base pricing. And the other if fixed zone pricing. Like ord-lga m fares are a set price.

    I think you can get gs based on the initial amount you put in, but I recall the funds are only good for that year.
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