Anyone have experience booking flights on AS or DL using KE SkyPass miles??

Discussion in 'Other Airlines | Asia/Australia' started by koctail, Aug 18, 2011.

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    I rec'd an offer for the USBank Korean Air SkyPass Visa that expires 8/31 and I am trying to decide whether to go for it or not. The offer is for 20000 SkyPass miles after first purchase and an additional 20000 after spending $2K in 4 months.

    I have no use for these on KE at this time, but I would like to use them on AS or DL for Hawaii flights. How do you redeem SkyPass miles for flights on AS or DL? I tried reading up on KE's website and I swear it said this had to be done at a KE ticketing office? I would appreciate any help or if anyone has any hidden uses for these miles that I am missing plz let me know. Thanks!!!
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    You would have to redeem them through KE, although I'm not sure what the procedure would be.

    To check availability, you could look at delta.dumb's horrible award search and calendar. You would need "low" awards, probably just those that you can see when NOT logged in as an elite for the USA domestic coach flights. Be aware that USA-Hawaii and VV charges more miles for the better aircraft (IIRC the ones with BE, primarily ATL and MSP/DTW flights with slightly better service than domestic FC) now and runs some pretty terrible ratty old planes on some routes between Hawaii and the west coast.

    Do not assume that you can get low award tickets (the only ones for partner miles according to SkyTeam rules) on DL without lots of flexibility and willingness to book very close to your travel dates. Also, check whether KE blackout dates would affect your ability to redeem KE miles for DL flights.

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