Any way to upgrade a T class International Tix

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    Hello All,

    I am new to this, so please be patient with me. I am a Delta Diamond flying from JNB to ATL. Unfortunately my company purchased a T Class ticket for my flight. I've got plenty of System Wide Upgrades and miles, but this class isn't upgradeable. Anyone have any tips or tricks to try to snag an upgrade? Thanks so much for any suggestions.
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    Welcome to MP, davideman!

    Unfortunately, you would either have to call and try to pay to up your ticket to an expensive M fare or higher. The other option would be if they give you an Operational Upgrade (OpUp) if economy is oversold and they need to move people up front to make space.

    If it's open, go with 31D or F (bulkhead aisles in center section) Economy Comfort seats. They have power outlets and great leg room.

    MP Thread on Economy Comfort: LINK
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    If you try to buy up to BE, note that normal DL policy is to charge the change fee, usually $250 for international tickets, to up fare to M+ but not to change the ticket to a higher cabin class, BE. Sometimes S or I tickets are very close to M fares and of course don't require miles/SWUs and give a bit more assurance of staying in BE if IROPs happen.

    If the ticketing happened yesterday or today, you could try before midnight to change the ticket without the fee.

    Note also than changing the fare or cabin class will require rewriting the ticket, so your corporate travel office will be notified and the refund will be to the original form of payment if DL processes it as a refund (within the "24 hour" rule) rather than just a change with you paying the additional fare. The bottom line is that you should check your company's travel rules before doing this; some forbid BE even if you pay the additional cost.

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