Any way to get AAdvantage points over to Delta? Or the other way? Help me with this riddle!

Discussion in 'General Discussion | Miles/Points' started by mothner, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Hey everyone! First time on the site, love it! Hoping one of you pros can help me with a conundrum...

    So I am trying to use points to book two LAX-LON tickets on business class (and really any airline will do). I have 200k AA points (Platinum), 60k Delta (Platinum), HHonors Diamond (negligible points) and 140k Amex points.

    And I need about 350k points on either Delta or American to book the tickets.

    So... any ideas on how to get enough points in one place to book this summer trip?
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    You cannot transfer miles between different airlines.

    AMEX Membership Rewards can be transferred to Virgin Atlantic, British Airways or Delta. You can book one-way awards in either American's, British Airways' or Delta's program (VS is a bit more tricky this way). So there is no requirement to use AA or DL awards for BOTH LAX-LON AND LON-LAX. BA's program is distance-based and may not be an ideal AMEX transfer partner for your needs.

    I would say that trying to book summer award travel in 2016 at this late date for two people is likely to be tricky, many people have already made award bookings. Also, you will pay significant tax in cash DEPARTING from London, as well a significant fuel surcharge in cash as well on any British Airways or Virgin Atlantic flight that is part of your itinerary. You may find that you save money by departing for the USA from places such as Amsterdam or Zürich, and avoiding BA or VS. However, many of those options may no longer be available.

    One other option for getting to Europe may be flying Singapore Air (SQ) JFK-FRA. SQ is an AMEX transfer partner. You may be able to use a minimal number of BA Avios (also an AMEX transfer partner) to travel FRA-LHR-FRA. Your odds are maximized if you have flexibility in travel dates and itineraries.
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    Great answer with some outside-the-box thinking. Hope the OP comes back to see it!

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